Online Skipper Course
For boat owners who are looking to refine and deepen their skill set...
About the Online Skipper Course
The complete course features 35 lessons, put together with multiple video tutorials and questions to guide you through the journey to becoming a fantastic skipper.

What's brilliant about this course, is that you can now let your interests direct your own learning. The modular approach to online learning means you can keep learning in bite-sized lessons when you have time to focus on a particular skill.
The Online Skipper Course provides mentoring along the journey of your boat ownership whether you have done multiple Sydney Hobart Yacht Races or are just embarking on your first sailing expedition. The course will teach you new techniques and skills irrespective of your experience. Participants have the ability to ask questions throughout the course, and the implementation questions at the end of each module ensures your learning is immediately put into practice. 
Who is this course for?
The strategies you learn in this course are structured, effective and perfect for anyone who wants to take their skills to a new level, develop the skills of their family and crew, and refine their understanding of their boat's systems.

Our training is game changing for skippers and their crews on yachts, catamarans, motor cruisers.
Great instruction and ensured we learned not only what to do... but WHY it should be done that way. I truly appreciate the amount of thought and care behind what the Above & Beyond Boating team does. Thank you for helping us make our boating dreams come true!
Jen Burch
Choose your Modules

Module 1: Preparation

Preparation of yourself, your vessel and your crew. Calling for help, avoiding collisions, inducting and managing new crew. 

Module 2: Weather & Passage Planning

Passage planning and preparation for short and long voyages, weather, tides and current, provisioning, crew management, and contingency planning.

Module 3: Learn Your Own Boat

Understand, learn to check and maintain your boat's systems. If you don't like wasting money, that could have been avoided with appropriate care and maintenance, you will enjoy this section!

Module 4: Boat Handling

Enjoy a structured approach to boat handling. Our  lessons have been put together to give you a solid skill set to handle even the most complex of manoeuvres. The tutorials set you up to be stay on a path of continual skill development for docking, mooring, and include all of the critical elements for practicing your man overboard recovery.

Module 5: Sailing Skills

Advance your seamanship skills and make your boat easy to handle. Even for the most experienced of skippers, the training in these modules will be a game changer for conveying to your crew what you need them to do!

The Investment
The Complete Course...
Includes all 5 modules
One Training Module
per module
The course takes around 7 hours in total. It is structured so you can review the material as fast or slow as you feel comfortable.

Access is to the course is open for 12-months from completing the registration. If life gets too busy and you need more time, you have an option to pause your course for up to 6-months and then continue when you have more time. 
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